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TestPEP weld PE inspection
TestPEP project success in developing new techniques for inspection of plastic pipes.

The TestPEP project team is pleased to announce the results of this EU-funded project to develop phased array inspection techniques for both butt fusion and EF welds in PE pipes for diameters 180-710 mm. The project conclusions, including a video demonstration of the new system, are being made available to view as a short series of webinars.

Plastic pipes have many advantages over pipes made from metals or concrete, such as good chemical resistance, low weight, low cost, and longer predicted service life, and are already used extensively for the transport of gas, water and chemicals. However their use in safety critical applications has been restricted by the lack of a validated inspection system being available to evaluate the joints.

Under the three-year project, the team designed and manufactured a prototype inspection system specifically for inspecting welded joints in PE pipes. This system has been assessed both in the laboratory/factory and in the field. Trials carried out on samples containing both real and artificial defects have proved successful in producing excellent results for butt fusion and EF welded joints.

The project consortium subsequently held four dissemination seminars to publicise the results of the project and these are available to view in the form of a webinar.


M2M webinar "Development of NDE instruments for PE pipe welds":



TestPEP summary

TestPEP is a European project started in February 2010, aiming to develop an automated solution for the inspection of welded joints in plastic pipes. This 36-month project is part of the European Union 7th framework program. It involves 15 organizations from seven countries, including M2M from France.


Plastic pipes offer significant advantages over other materials such as cast iron, steel, copper and concrete, for the transportation of fluids (natural gas, water, effluent and corrosive liquids). However, as plastic materials show specific physical properties bringing high attenuation and low ultrasonic velocity, TestPEP faces several technical challenges. Previous projects have brought knowledge about the current welding techniques (butt fusion and electrofusion). The market now needs a complete inspection solution of plastic pipes integrating data analysis.

In this context, the main objective of TestPEP is to develop ultrasonic phased-array equipment, techniques and procedures for the non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of welded joints in plastic pipes. The automated system will be used for volumetric examination of pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds, butt and socket joints, for pipes up to 1m diameter.

TestPEP trial video:


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