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M2M phased-array technologies

who we are

M2M was created in 2003 from the merging of two cultures: lab and nondestructive testing enterprises. The company offers standard and advanced phased-array technologies and systems to meet industrial requirements. M2M also focuses on innovation and benefits from a strong partnership with the CEA* to develop tomorrow's technologies. M2M is now a team of more than 55 highly-qualified people with skills in electronics, software engineering, and nondestructive testing. To satisfied international customers, the company relies on a dozen of worldwide distributors and its three M2M do Brasil, M2M China and M2M NDT, inc. in the USA.


what we do

M2M develops, manufactures and sells phased-array ultrasound systems for nondestructive testing. To meet industrial requirements for inspection, M2M offers products ranging from massively-parallel systems (256+ channels), to portable systems. Following the success of GEKKO, which has become the reference in high-end portable flaw detector, M2M is innovating for NDT operators and reinforces its range of field equipment with MANTIS, a compact, powerful and cost-effective flaw detector. M2M systems use the latest advances in phased-array technology, and are used globally by NDT operators as well as integrators and laboratories for the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation, steel and automotive industries. M2M systems meet industrial requirements for inspection (production, inline inspection and maintenance).

M2M systems come with cutting-edge functionalities like advanced ultrasound imaging and 3D imaging, such as Surface Adapting Ultrasound (SAUL), Total Focusing Methods (TFM), Full Matrix Capture (FMC), and Smart flexible arrays features.
M2M also offers support and training services and work with probe manufacturers and integrators to offer packaged solutions.
M2M has today more than 750 systems deployed in 25 countries.

The complete product range can be found in the products section.

industrial phased-array systems
integrated systems - portable systems - desktop systems - OEM

advanced phased-array techniques
total focusing methods (TFM) surface-adaptive ultrasound (SAUL) — flexible arrays — pseudo-tandem inspection — full matrix capture (FMC) — 1D & 2D arrays

integration support & services
training — OEM support — inline integration support — remote control support
*CIVA subset inside M2M software — feasibility studies

procedure design & optimization
probe design — probe optimization — custom phased-array techniques procedure evaluation integration

where we fit 

Nondestructive testing (NDT). NDT is used to ensure quality and structural integrity during both manufacturing and in-service maintenance. Nondestructive evaluation encompasses a variety of inspection techniques including phased-array ultrasound (UT), eddy current (ET) and radiography (RT), and is routinely used in a broad spectrum of industries including aerospace, power generation and petrochemical. The medical and nondestructive evaluation industries have measurement and imaging techniques in common, and share the same goal: achieving high-resolution imaging without causing harm or change to the patient/test specimen. Ultrasound in general, and phased arrays in particular, are increasingly being used in both industries because of advantages compared to alternatives that include safety, resolution and speed.


* French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission - Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives

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