M2M ndt phased array for non destructive testing NDT
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PAUT equipment for industrial NDT application



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Product line

The MULTIX++ full parallel architecture provides uncompromised performance. Ideal to optimize inspection speed, MULTIX++ systems are able to drive up to 256 channels in parallel, including beam forming and 2D array probes. Usable directly with its dedicated software or remotely third-party applications.


Handled technique


MultiX++ systems can perform electronic and/or linear scanning, Full Matrix Capture (FMC), pulse-echo, pitchcatch acquisitions with linear, matrix, TRL, personalized 2D… phased array probes with up to 256 elements.


Surface Adpative Ultrasound (SAUL)

Designed for complex composite structure inspection, the Surface Adapting ULtrasound (SAUL) technique enables the inspection of components with varying geometries (flat, concave, convex surfaces), using a unique configuration. SAUL is a development tool for experienced users aiming to design inspection procedures.
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Smart flexible probes, co-designed by CEA and IMASONIC, are phased-array probes (linear or matrix) with a conformable front-face and real time profilometer. SMART is the M2M software plug-in that handles those probes. SMART provides real-time beam forming taking into account complex surfaces.



Natively included in the MultiX++ systems, this inspection mode optimizes parallel firing of multiple apertures (on the same or distinct probes). Ideal for inspection requiring speed and resolution.
Moreover, the fastest inspection mode is available: it fires a full aperture in 1 shot and recreates electronic scanning in reception. The time necessary for this process is the time of a single shot. Ideal for inspection of thick structures demanding speed.
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Spec MultiX++ Phased array ultrasound for NDT MultiX++ Phased array ultrasound for NDT