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phased-array technologies


portable systems



MANTIS compact phased array flaw detector M2M Compact. MANTIS is the new 16:64PR portable phased-array ultrasonic flaw detector from M2M.  In line with GEKKO, this lightweight and compact equipment provides PAUT, PE, TOFD and TFM.

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MAntis M2M phased-array UT compact portable equipment
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Gekko, phased-array portable system Adaptable. Design for field, GEKKO is the first phased-array ultrasonic flaw detector that combines standard (PAUT, PE, TOFD) and cutting-edge techniques such as the real-time and Adaptive TFM.

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integrated & inline systems



multix++ Almighty. The MULTIX++ product line’s fully parallel architecture provides uncompromised performance. Ideal for driving 2D probes and optimize inspection speed. MULTIX++ systems are based on 32-channel boards, and come with extended-memory FPGA chips.

Application cases
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multi2000 Versatile. Based on a multiplexed architecture, the MULTI2000 product line provides cost-effective flexibility. Our best seller, is the 32x128 configuration. Also available in 16x64 and 64x256. Multi2000 
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pocket Portable. Available in a 16x64 configuration, the Multi2000 Pocket offers portability at an affordable price. Multi2000 
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analysis software



ENLIGHT  ultrasound analysis software for NDT Analysis. ENLIGHT is an ultrasound analysis software, offering cost-effective analysis package for NDT that processes M2M data files. ENLIGHT is compatible with the full product range manufactured by M2M, i.e., GEKKO, MANTIS, MULTI2000, MULTIX and POCKET.

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ENLIGHT  ultrasound analysis software for NDT

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customer support

Find the last version of Capture, GEKKO and MANTIS' software and Multi2000 user manual here.

table-top systems

Ready to use, the whole range of M2M systems comes with the M2M software (CIVA powered) for maximum versatility and state-of-the-art possibilities.

portable systems

MANTIS is the new compact and lightweight 16:64PR portable Phased-array flaw detector.

GEKKO is a 64-parallel channel PAUT portable flaw detector allowing standard and advanced ultrasound phased-array techniques.
MANTIS and GEKKO are dedicated to all-level operators.

integrated & inline systems

Using remote-control features of the M2M software, M2M systems can be interfaced and run by an external software.

OEM boards

M2M phased-array boards are offered to Original Equipment Manufacturers for integration into third-party systems. Both boards and dynamic-link libraries are available.


M2M focus on innovation and benefit from a strong partnership with international company to develop tomorrow's technologies.

Gekko, phased array portable pocket multix++