M2M ndt phased array for non destructive testing NDT
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phased-array technologies

Surface-Adapting ULtrasound (SAUL)

The SAUL technique enables the transmission of an incident wave-front parallel to any complex surface. One specimen presenting variable geometries (flat, concave or convex surfaces) can be entirely controlled using a unique probe (such as a matrix array with a flat active aperture). This is achieved by means of an iterative algorithm that does not require the knowledge of the geometrical and acoustical properties of the component undergoing inspection. The real-time adaptive processing is illustrated through measurements obtained with typical aircraft composite structures (e.g., CFRP stringers, stiffeners).

Figure: typical shape for aircraft composite parts


SAUL NDT for Airbus A350 composite parts ©Stelia Aerospace Composites


Video realized at CONTOUR DYNAMICS, using M2M phased-array system and probe

The M2M-designed SAUL probe is a flat matrix array. The probe and the M2M parameters are kept identical for the whole inspection of the part. The inspection of the parts can therefore be fully automated. Results are obtained in the form of C-Scans. The resulting C-Scan represents a flatten view of the specimen, including ID, OD and flat zones.