M2M ndt phased array for non destructive testing NDT
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Analysis software


 Enlight Analysis software M2M

                                    3D view analysis on ENLIGHT software


ENLIGHT is a cost-effective analysis package for NDT that processes M2M data files. ENLIGHT is compatible with the full product range manufactured by M2M, i.e., GEKKO, MANTIS, MULTI2000, MULTIX and POCKET.



quick diagnostic  |  characterize defects  

locate indications  |  powerful tools 

thorough reporting


for a wide range of applications.

Weld  .  pressure vessel  .  blistering  .  girth weld  .  small diameter pipes  .  corrosion mapping  .  nozzle, T, K, Y joints  .  composite  .  cladded weld  .  HTHA  .  HIC  .  SOHIC  .  porosity  . cracks  delamination   .   disbonding   .  LOF  .  SLAG  .