M2M ndt phased array for non destructive testing NDT
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phased-array technologies


Lightweight 16:64PR portable phased-array ultrasonic flaw detector


MantisM2M_3D Gek view
                                MANTIS, Multi-group configurations



fully loaded.

Mantis lightweight  PAUT flaw detector with real-time TFM 
  • Real-time TFM
  • Onboard PAUT calculator for all geometries
  • Compound scanning
  • Multi-group configurations
  • High PRF
  • Up to 3 encoded axes
  • ISO & ASTM code compliant


quick setup time.

Mantis lightweight  PAUT flaw detector online library 
  • Intuitive interface, step by step app design
  • 3-click TCG, TCG save and import
  • 3-click material velocity
  • 3-click probe balancing
  • 3-click wedge calibration
  • Onboard library of probes, wedges & scanners
  • Onboard library of geometries and weld preps
  • Application oriented templates

onboard analysis.

Mantis-Customizable inspection report
  • 800% amplitude dynamic
  • Cumulated volume views
  • TOFD lateral wave linearization
  • Customizable inspection report
  • Dedicated analysis tools
  • Fast Ethernet file transfer
  • PC data analysis with CAPTURE